Your SmartFlow subscription plan comes with 3 logins which should be sufficient for a small veterinarian clinic. This means only 3 devices/locations at any time can be logged into your account (e.g. iPad, Whiteboard, and one browser tab)

If you find that you need more logins than you already have, you can always purchase more at any time. To do this, please:

1. Go to your web Smart Flow admin account then open Settings and click on Station Logins. Here you can see the current number of your logins and the Add station logins button, click on it if you would like to get additional logins:

NOTE: Logins are purchased in packages of three and will be billed additionally.

2. When the Station Logins message pops-up, please choose the required number of logins based on the number of locations likely to be logged into at the same time (in denominations of 3). Once this is entered, a price will be displayed to tell you the cost of logins purchased per year. To confirm the purchase, click the 'green button':

3. If your purchase was successful, the Information message will pop-up:

4. Finally, click OK to complete the purchase. You are all set!

We hope you found this information useful!