There are a few reasons why multiple visits could be created, and these depend on how your SmartFlow - RxWorks integration is configured. Here are a few things to check:

1. If you have Import to Vet set to ON then RxWorks will check every charge we send for the medic ID and look for a visit matching this ID. If it can't find one for that day, it will create a new one:

2. If you have RxWorks set so that charges are added to completed visits in RxWorks, but you accidentally leave a current visit incomplete, it will create a new visit and vice versa:

3. When admitting a patient from RxWorks into SmartFlow you execute any charges within SmartFlow for the same hour as the visit in RxWorks, it will create a new visit. 

For example, in RxWorks the visit is started at 9:41:39 PM:

Then you send the patient to SmartFlow and execute treatments on the flowsheet at 21:00:

When the charges go back into RxWorks they are timestamped for 9:00:00 PM, so RxWorks looks for an existing visit before this time, and can't find one. In this case, it creates a new visit for 9:00:00:

To avoid this it is best to execute treatments rounded forward to the nearest hour right after admitting the patient.

4. If the medic creating the visit in RxWorks doesn't have the current time selected:

The visit will be created at 00:00:00 hours, and this will go on to cause issues:

5. If you are importing the reports and discharging patients the day after they are sent home then RxWorks will create a new empty visit to attach the reports to with the date that you press the Reports button. To avoid this just make sure you are discharging patients as they leave the hospital.

We hope you found this information useful!