We understand the importance of choosing the right roles and user permissions for clinic staff. If the Enable Security on iPad is set to YES, users will have limited access to your clinic's account from the iPad application based on the role you have chosen for them. With user permission settings you will be able to restrict user access to only what is essential for each of your staff members workflow (discover more about the available Roles and Permissions HERE).

NOTE: The Tech/Nurse role has some special permissions on the iPad. As on the web, Tech/Nurse can only execute Treatments on the Flowsheet, but cannot add, edit, or remove them. However, on the Anesthetic Sheet, we have granted the Tech/Nurse additional permissions as we understand how important it is for the Tech/Nurse to be able to manage the anesthesia documentation. 

Adjusting your user permission settings can be done from your admin Smart Flow web account > go to Settings > Users, make the appropriate changes to the user Role and click Save:

NOTE: You will need Manager permission in order to make these changes.

Once the Role changed, please make sure that the SFS Account is activated. For this click Activate button > Activate Account in the pop-up window > and Save:  

HERE is a useful video which demonstrates how to change user permissions.

Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!

We hope you found this information useful!