Any active Dental Chart can be accessed from the Dashboard or Anesthetic Sheet. 

NOTE: Dental Chart feature is only available on the iPad.

From the Anesthetic Sheet

Usually, dental procedures are accompanied by monitoring of anesthesia so you can switch between the Anesthetic Sheet and Dental Chart with one click. Just tap Dental Chart icon in the upper right corner of the Anesthetic Sheet:

NOTE: If there is no active Dental Chart, you will be moved back to the Dashboard to create a new one

Make any dental records and return to anesthesia:

NOTE: We understand how important it is not to miss anything when a patient's dental examination is accompanied by anesthesia. This is why you will hear a "ding" notification when the next set of monitoring should take place from the Anesthetic Sheet when you are on the Dental Chart.

From the Dashboard
You can also access the active Dental Cart from the Dashboard. To do this, click on the Dental Chart icon:

NOTE. If the Dental Chart icon is gray, it means that there is no active chart for this patient. Please click on Select Template under the icon to create a new one.

We hope you found this information useful!