We know how important this is to have a possibility to indicate the number of the bag, every time you add a new one. Smart Flow does not have a special option for this, but you can track the bag number following the steps below:

1. Create new inventory parameter - Bag#

2. Then add it to the patient's flowsheet under the Procedure section without highlighting (in case you do not know when to change the bag in advance):

NOTE: If necessary, you can add any additional information on the bag content under Instructions / Notes field:

From the web
From the iPad (in Editing Mode)

3. When the new bag should be added, simply highlight the cell and enter the number:

4. This information can be available in Medical Records PDF, so you can count the total quantity manually:

Also, you can make bags counted automatically, then you will know how many bags you used at the end of the day from the Billing. Please set it up by following the instructions below:

The parameter will be billable in this case, and thus the quantity of bags will be available in the Billing PDF:

For the correct calculation we recommended to make sure that corresponding cells are billed (have a green triangle at the bottom):


We hope you found this information useful!