This document will explain how to add a new user account to SmartFlow, and how to enroll the new user in SmartFlow University training.

-The following steps will need to be performed on the SmartFlow web account. 

1. Select the account icon in the upper right corner, select Settings and then select Users on the left side menu:

2. Within Users, you will see a list of all users for your SmartFlow account. Scroll to the bottom of the list. In the first blank box, enter the new users First Name, Last Name, Email address, and a Role. If you are unsure what Role the user should have, click HERE for more information. The user Role can be edited at anytime. 

3. Click Save at the bottom of the page. In the next window, if you want the user to be enrolled in SmartFlow University Training, you will want to select "Add Users with Trainings". 


4. Once you select the option to enroll into training, the user will receive a SmartFlow University log-in email automatically. The training course will be specific to the assigned Role, and the user is required to complete all courses before receiving the SmartFlow registration email. 

5. Once courses are completed, the user will receive a registration email that contains a link to set a log-in password and iPad passcode.

NOTE: SmartFlow University pulls info for all active training once per day at 4 am (UTC). Therefore the email may not be delivered upon completing the training. It make take up to 24 hours before receiving the registration email. 

6. If you cannot wait 24 hours for the registration email, you can select the Update button in the clinic's User List for the specific user. This will complete the user activation process immediately:

NOTE: If you do not receive the SmartFlow University log in email or the registration email, please contact SmartFlow support for further assistance.