Please note that the Anesthetic and Procedure times are separated and can be started/stopped independently. It will even go as far as to track the time for multiple procedures for a patient under one anesthetic! You can pause Anesthetic Time by pressing the stop button on the anesthetic timer as well as any other Surgical Time:


To set up tracking of Procedures, please open the Preoperative page > Procedures section, add the required ones and click Save:

Then, when you click to Start the Procedure Time 1, you will be asked to select the Procedure you would like to start. Please select the appropriate and the timer will go: 

Once the Procedure is finalized, click the Stop button:

After you Finalize Anesthetic, you will be able to view the total procedure duration in the Anesthetic pdf file:

The timestamp for the procedure Start/End time will be available in the Anesthetic Record pdf under the Surgery section: