In order to take full advantage of the SmartFlow - Animana integration, it is necessary to set up the accounts correctly. For this please follow the steps below:

1. Open your Animana account > click on the Settings button (with the gear wheel) > select General Settings:


2. Under the Settings list, open the SmartFlow Configuration tab:

3. In another browser tab, please open your SmartFlow account and find the SmartFlow API Key as described HERE.

4. Once the SmartFlow API Key is copied to the clipboard, go back to the SmartFlow Configuration page in Animana > under Location Settings select an appropriate Location Name > paste the SmartFlow API Key, and click Add:

5. Then a new location will appear in the list, double check that you have put the correct information and click on the Save button:  

NOTE: If necessary, Animana can automatically send the patient information to SmartFlow after changing the patient appointment status to Arrived. For this please simply tick the Link To Appointment Status box. This means that ALL appointments that are marked as Arrived will be automatically sent to your SmartFlow Whiteboard. If you do not want that, please leave this box unchecked. However, please note that this functionality does not work for recurring appointments.

Now, when you open the Patient File from the connected location, for each patient, the SmartFlow + (send to SmartFlow) button will be available:

NOTE: Please do not send a patient to SmartFlow until you have synchronized your Animana inventory products.

6. Finally, synchronize your Animana inventory products with SmartFlow.

We hope you found this information useful!