When you click on a flowsheet cell with a billable item to enter a note (any text that contains at least one space, e.g., did not give the full dose, hold until PM, etc.):

You will be asked to charge for this event or not:


If YES is selected, this will create a green corner of the cell, which means that the item will create a charge on the invoice. It will also save as a note:

If NO is selected, this will create a red corner of the cell, which will NOT send a charge to the invoice. It will only be saved as a note:

For more information on a difference between billed and not billed items, please see THIS article.  

If an error was made and you wish to turn the billing ON or OFF for a certain item, please see THIS article. 


NOTE: Considering your needs, you can enable/disable access to the parameter's billing from the Whiteboard.


We hope you found this information useful!