User Interface 

Three new buttons appear in the button bar at the top of the screen when the user is

sitting in either the “Patients”, “Visits” or “Financials” tab of the main RxWorks tabbed


These buttons will NOT appear until a Smart Flow Sheet provider has been

configured, refer RxWorks Smart Flow Configuration section of this document.

Hospital ribbon bar colour coding

Patient has been admitted Patient admitted and reports


Patient has been discharged or

hasn’t been admitted: Any reports

downloaded have been retained

against the previous admission.

When a patient has been Discharged all the buttons return to their original state because the admission has

been completed and the patient can be admitted again.

Upgrading from 4.8 Smart Flow Integration

Customers who have been using the 4.8 version of the integration MUST discharge all their patients prior to

the new version being installed otherwise the upgrade will discharge all admitted patients automatically from

RxWorks, Smart Flow will not be affected.

Dependency Logic removed

The integration in 4.8 was designed to automatically download the patient image and the Smart Flow Sheet

reports when the Visit was finalised. These dependencies have been removed and the usage and control of

the above functions is the responsibility of the user. This means that the invoice can be finalised at any stage

without having any effect on the patient’s admission status.


A visit is a collection of one or more consultations. A visit is in one of two states: complete or incomplete.

When a new visit is created the visit is in the “Incomplete” state and typically a visit is completed by saving the

visit and clicking the checkbox when the invoice is prepared.


Business rules

● A visit is incomplete until it has been saved with the checkbox

turned on.

● A patient can be admitted as long as the patient hasn’t already been admitted.

● Downloading the patient reports is optional.

● The patient reports can be downloaded multiple times but the reports are cumulative.

● The reports are attached to a consultation with today’s date if one exists otherwise it will be generated.

● A patient can be discharged at any time irrespective of whether the reports have been downloaded or

the visit completed.

● Discharging a patient does NOT automatically download and attach the reports.

RxWorks / Smart Flow Integration Scenarios

A patient presents at the clinic and needs to be admitted

The patient is located using the Find function and the user presses the Admit button. The add consultation

form is presented allowing the user to create a visit. The Admit Patient form is presented allowing provider

specific information to be provided and subsequently the patient is admitted against this visit.

A patient’s treatment has been completed and the reports need to be downloaded

The admitted patient can be located by searching for the patient or by viewing the Admitted patients tab of the

Recently viewed page and clicking on the patient. The user presses the Reports button and the reports and

patient image are downloaded and attached to a consultation with today’s date. In the case of a multiday


the consultation will be created automatically if one doesn’t already exist with today’s date.

Invoice needs to be prepared prior to the patient being discharged

The visit can be finalised and the invoice prepared at any time as there dependencies between the admission

and invoice preparation.

An outpatient can be admitted to Smart Flow as an animal minding service

The scenario is that a rural owner presents with the patient for outpatient treatment such as vaccinations and

wishes to do some other business in town before returning home. The patient has already been treated an

invoice prepared and payment taken, so the visit is finalised but a consultation is already present with today’s

date. The patient can be admitted without requiring a new Visit or consultation allowing the animal to be

tracked on the whiteboard until the owner returns and the animal is collected and the patient is discharged.

Admitting a Patient

A patient can be admitted to Smart Flow at any time as long as the patient hasn’t already been admitted. A

patient can be admitted from any of the following three tabs using the

button in the ribbon bar at the top of the screen.

When a patient is admitted a consultation with today’s date and patient weight must be present or the user will

be prompted to create one with the Add Consultation form:


The patient Weight and Consulting Vet are mandatory fields in Smart Flow and should be entered before

continuing. The patient weight can be made mandatory in RxWorks by configuring the Field Validation Rules.

Altering the field validation rules will make entering a patient weight mandatory when Admitting a Patient

whereas generating a consultation from the clipboard will NOT require a patient weight.

Admitting a patient who has an associated incomplete visit

will be presented with this dialog.

This allows the user to associate the admission with either

a preexisting

visit or to create a new visit. Typically all

visits are completed in a clinic and this dialog is never seen

however a patient may present for a consultation and after

examination is immediately admitted and this dialog would

be shown and continue treatment would be the correct

option but if a clinic has an old incomplete visit for the

patient it would make more sense to click the “Create New

Visit” option and clean up the old incomplete visit by

finalising it.


An outpatient can be admitted to Smart Flow as an animal minding service. In this scenario the patient has

already presented and been treated and invoiced but the patient can be admitted against this visit because a

consultation with today’s date is present in RxWorks.

Once a consultation for today has been found/created the admission process prompts for Smart Flow specific


The Summary words field at the bottom of the form can be used to choose the Smart Flow Sheet “problem list”

by clicking the Add button will display a search screen where you can type in the problem description and

select from the list displayed:

These are values that allow the Smart Flow Sheet to be created without having to open the sheet in Smart

Flow. The choices presented are retrieved from Smart Flow immediately allowing the user to select the latest


available values from the Smart Flow repository. The Summary Words are stored against the visit and sent to

Smart Flow along with the Treatment Template, Department and Patient Colour. Rxworks maps common

attributes from the RxWorks repository to Smart Flow Sheet and creates an admission eliminating the need for

the information to be rekeyed

and preventing transcription errors. The patient sheet is automatically opened in

Smart Flow Sheet using the client’s default Web Browser (eg. Internet Explorer).

Downloading Patient Reports

The patient reports can be downloaded at any time after the patient has been admitted, should an image of the

patient be present in Smart Flow it will be downloaded and attached to a consultation with today’s date. In a


stay visit a new consultation with today’s date will be created automatically unless one already

exists. Once the reports have been downloaded the Reports button will change colour to , this is the

only visual indication that the reports have imported. The reports can be downloaded as many times as you

like but the content in each report is cumulative and you will be attaching another set of reports to the

consultation. The reports can be deleted from the attachments when necessary by using the

function. This release also supports downloading of the Anesthetic Sheets reports once they have been

finalised in Anesthetic Sheet.

Discharging a Patient

A patient can be discharged from Smart Flow Sheet without having to use the Smart Flow application by using

the function. When a patient has been discharged the patient reports can no longer be retrieved

from Smart Flow Sheet using RxWorks. Once a patient has been discharged the buttons in the ribbon bar will

have their orange background removed as the patient can be admitted again. Any reports saved using the

Reports function prior to discharge are still attached to the consult to which they were downloaded.

Admitted Patients

The Whiteboard in Smart Flow Sheet shows a list of patients who have been admitted and an equivalent list

can be found in RxWorks by clicking the button from the bottom left hand corner of the RxWorks

app and selecting the Admitted tab and the following list is displayed:


RxWorks Smart Flow Sheet Configuration

You must define a Smart Flow Provider which will integrate your clinics with Smart Flow Sheet. You only need

one Smart Flow Provider for each database. Launch “Hospitalisation Providers” menu option from the

RxWorks => Options and Setup => C Visit page => Hospitalisation Providers eg. Smart Flow Sheet , it will be

at the bottom of the Visit Options page.


Enter a name for the provider, select a meaning name such as “Smart Flow” or alike, the name does not affect

the operation of the software. Now select the “SmartFlowSheet” protocol and the notes are optional, see below

for an example definition which you can use:

Press to save the provider definition.


Once you have saved the Provider information, the entry will show up in the following dialog:

Press the button to edit the provider you just created and you will find additional settings to be

configured below the Name, Protocol and Notes that you just entered in the previous step.


Enter in the Endpoint as shown below:

Now press the button and you will be presented with a form showing all your

clinics which require a Smart Flow “Clinic Api Key” and “Time Zone”information for each clinic which will be

integrated with Smart Flow Sheet.

The “Clinic Api Key” is stored in Smart Flow Sheet, you must log on to Smart Flow Sheet using an internet

browser such as Internet Explorer to retrieve the key from the settings. A simple way to do this is to right click

the “Clinic Api Key” heading and select “Open in a new window” as shown below:


Or alternatively copy and paste the following URL into your favourite internet browser:

This will take you into Smart Flow Sheet settings page and you will need to log on with the appropriate user id

and password for the clinic you wish to configure, click on the EMR Integration tab as shown below:

Copy and paste the API Key from this page to the Clinic Api Key in RxWorks:


The Time Zone Name is required so that when the Smart Flow Sheet reports are downloaded by RxWorks the

date and time information reflects the region in which you live rather than where the Smart Flow Sheet server

is located. A list of timezone information can be located using your web browser by open the following page:

Or alternatively you can right right click

the “Time Zone Name” heading and select “Open in a new window”

as shown below:

You need to repeat this procedure for each of the clinics you wish to

integrate with Smart Flow Sheet. You may decide to enable the

integration in one clinic and get familiar with the integration before

using it in all your clinics, in this case select which clinic you would

like to integration and just fill in the clinic api key and time zone name

for that clinic only. Subsequently, you can return and configure other

clinics by entering the clinic api key and time zone information.

Press to save your clinic configuration settings.

Deactivate Smart Flow Sheet

You can deactivate the Smart Flow Sheet integration at any time by clicking the button. This will

prevent any clinics from using Smart Flow until the provider has been reactivated.