For your convenience, you can change the billing settings for a specific parameter / procedure directly from the Whiteboard.


If access to billing is enabled in the Parameter Settings, you can turn Billing ON/OFF for any parameter on the Flowsheet. To do this, open the parameter from the patient’s Flowsheet, toggle Billing accordingly, and press DONE:


NOTE. Please enter Editing Mode if you want to change the parameter billing from your iPad.

You can also change billing settings for any treatment hour. Just right-click (from the Internet) or tap (from iPad) a cell, toggle the switch and click DONE:


You can choose whether or not to change billing from the Whiteboard. All you need to do is log in to your manager’s Smart Flow web account, open Settings > Parameters, and switch Access Billing From the Whiteboard:


If you turn this option to NO, you can no longer be able to change billing from the parameter window, calculator, or treatment cell of the Flowsheet. In this case, the parameter will look like this:

We hope you found this information useful!