There are a few things that need to be done before you are able to push your RxWorks Inventory items to SmartFlow.

1. Configure API key through Options > Visit > Hospitalization Providers:

2. When Item integration is unchecked, the integration will be turned off. Please check before pushing the inventory by clicking Visit > Hospital Settings > Configure Clinic Settings then make sure the first line is checked off Item Integration Enabled and the API Key is entered (please learn how to find your API key HERE):

To push inventory click on Synchronize Configuration - this will send all stock controlled items that have been used within the last 12 months. Please note - only stock controlled items such as medications and consumables can be synched with SmartFlow.

NOTE: If any changes are made in RxWorks, the inventory will have to be synced manually again, this can be done by going into Visit > Hospital Settings > Configure Clinic or follow THESE steps.

Please make sure that all data (e.g. doctors) is synchronized in RxWorks account as well. 

We hope you found this information useful!