We are pleased to announce some changes that will make our iPad application more convenient and easy to use.

Workflow location changed

From direct customer feedback we heard that the Workflow / Tasks are often forgotten and missed due to their location inside the "pull out" window to the right of the Flowsheet. The experience is also inconsistent between the Flowsheet and Anesthetic sheet, so we have decided to bring the Workflows into the spotlight above the Flowsheet:

Flowsheet view

Anesthetic Sheet view

Moving the Workflow above the Flowsheet will also eliminate a problem on some new iPad's where the "pull out" window is unable to be opened.

For your convenience, you can collapse the Workflow by tapping an /\ button. Please note that the selected view will be saved for the Flowsheet, and therefore, the tasks list will be minimized next time you open the Flowsheet. This will help you effectively use the iPad screen, increasing the visible part of the flowsheet if there are no unfinished tasks left.

Bulk Workflow tasks deletion

Previously, it was not possible to bulk delete tasks, and hence deleting all unnecessary tasks one by one was tedious. We have therefore implemented the bulk delete function, which allows you to delete as many Workflow tasks as you wish in just a few steps. This feature will be available from the iPad on both the Flowsheet and Anesthetic Sheet. For more information, please read THIS article.

Bulk deletion of parameters from the Anesthetic Sheet

To bring you a consistent experience across the Flowsheet and Anesthetic sheet we have made it possible to bulk delete parameters from the Anesthetic Sheet. This will speed up the editing process and allow you to tailor any anesthetic protocol to your needs in a few seconds. For a better experience, we recommend you have several extensive Anesthetic Sheet templates that contain a larger number of stored procedures and medications. Thus, later you can select this template, bulk delete all unnecessary parameters, and start anesthesia for the patient. Using the bulk delete function, you can edit the Anesthetic sheet faster than if you add new missing parameters. Please follow the steps described HERE to try this feature.

We hope you enjoy these new features!