Please work closely with a SmartFlow Product Specialist on this process or you will wipe all pre-existing templates / inventory from your SmartFlow Account!

To properly integrate with SmartFlow, go into your Neo account, click your name in the menu bar then click on Administration:

Under System Admin, click SmartFlow:

In the SmartFlow API Key box, enter the API integration key provided by SmartFlow:

Click Save.

NOTE: After clicking Save, the following information will be synced from Neo to your SmartFlow account:

  • Products that are active and have been modified in the last day or have been sold in the last year.

  • Users that are active and have the Provider checkbox selected. Please find more details on how to send staff from Neo to SmartFlow HERE.

ALSO NOTE: After initially sending your products and users to SmartFlow, the following actions in Neo will automatically sync to SmartFlow:


  • Creating a new product;

  • Updating an existing product;

  • Changing the product status from inactive to active;


  • Creating a new user and selecting the Provider checkbox;

  • Designating an existing user as a provider;

  • For multi-branch practices – Changing branch access for a user-designated as a provider;

  • Updating an existing provider.

We hope you found this information useful!