For your convenience, we recommend that you create a chrome shortcut for your Smart Flow web account to access the application quickly!

1. Click Customize and control Google Chrome in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser (looks like 3 vertical dots) > hover over More Tools and click Create shortcut (for some old versions of Chrome this option is called Add to desktop):

2. Edit the shortcut title if needed > tick the Open as window checkbox so that it always opens in a separate window, and click Create:

3. As a result you'll see a Smart Flow icon on your PC's desktop for easy access as well as an individual browser window (if you selected the Open as window opiton while creating the shortcut): 

You might also like to edit how the name will appears on your desktop. To do this, after creating the shortcut, right click on the icon and choose  the Rename option or left click once. From here you can change the name to what you would like to appear.