It is important for us to constantly update our product and make it more user-friendly and secure! That is why we are pleased to inform you about the upcoming changes.


Copy API key button

The API key is a unique identifier for your Smart Flow account, and you always need it when you connect your practice software (EMR) with Smart Flow. This number is quite long and can sometimes be mistakenly copied only partially. To prevent this, we decided to simplify the copy and paste process for you. Using the Copy Text button, you can copy the API key with just one click, and then paste it into the appropriate location in your EMR. Please learn more HERE.

iPad security changes

Smart Flow allows you to conveniently use the iPad for a variety of everyday tasks: patient admission, changing or editing treatment template, parameter execution, and much more, and we completely understand how important it is to know who performed any of these actions. By accepting this, we are pleased to announce upcoming changes to Smart Flow Security - the Enable Security on iPad. This option will give clinic managers the ability to require each employee to enter an individual passcode using the iPad. This will allow us to ensure that the actions of each user can be tracked and logged for legal purposes and troubleshooting. Now you can see this option grayed out in the Settings > Security section:

However, it will be available soon! Follow the updates on THIS article.

We hope you enjoy these new features!