Once your clinic has been set up with the Surgery Monitor Integration by our IT team (or possibly your internal IT team), you may proceed to the next step which is connecting the monitor to the iPad. At this point we are assuming that you have an account for SmartFlow and you are logged in into the program on the iPad. 

Before you start:

  • The monitor must be connected to the network and turned on. This probably means it is plugged into an Ethernet Cable (Some monitors work wirelessly, but most are connected via a wire). 
  • The computer running the Surgery Monitor software must be turned on as well.
  • Please ensure the monitor is connected to at least one of the probes, and has data displayed (A temperature probe at room temperature works fine, or ask a volunteer to place the Pulse Ox on their finger!)

Launch the Smart Flow application from an iPad:

Select your test patient by tapping on the patient's name:

 Select "Menu" by tapping the Menu button from the Flowsheet view:

 Select "Anesthetic Sheet": 

Select “Show Intervals” - “1m” for faster testing. Hit “Save” in the bottom right:

In the next screen click "Menu" again and select "Surgery Monitor (Beta)":

From the pop up that comes up on the screen select the monitor that you have previously registered with the Surgery Monitor (admin) on the computer with listener (See Surgery Admin Manual):

You should now see the Monitoring option on the right with the name of the monitor you’ve just added to the Anesthetic Sheet:

Select “Start Anesthesia” to start monitoring in real time.

**If you have a Digicare monitor, please see this FAQ for additional information**

Now the Anesthetic Sheet will receive the values in real-time from the monitor. You will see data on the anesthetic sheet within a few seconds from each "minute" change-over.