With our latest version, we have added the ability for you to synchronize Inventory and Staff lists from AVImark to SmartFlow with a single click at any time. You no longer need to export these lists from AVImark and then ask your SmartFlow consultant to upload them. You can benefit from using this feature when you initially configure your SmartFlow-AVImark integration as well as when you need to sync updates/changes made in AVImark to SmartFlow. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Open a SmartFlow manager account, click on the user icon, and go to Settings > EMR:

2. Then click the Sync Now button:

This initiates the synchronization of all Inventory and Staff with your SmartFlow account.

NOTE: Staff from AVImark that will synchronize with SmartFlow include people who have the User is a Doctor checkbox selected on the staff record:

If you want to remove some staff after syncing, you can edit them in AVImark and then sync again or contact our support team to hide unwanted users from the User list.

NOTE: Any previously imported items will not be not duplicated, simply updated. To start using these newly added parameters, please follow the mapping procedure as usual.

You can also sync Inventory separately from the Settings > Parameter page.

- When creating/editing a parameter, you may notice a small synchronization button next to the PIMS Name of the parameter. Click on it to sync your inventory list:

We hope you found this information useful!