Idexx Neo does not currently integrate with Cubex, while the Smart Flow - Neo and Smart Flow - Cubex integrations are being developed further. Here is an overview of the current functionality for the Smart Flow - Neo - Cubex integration:

- Patient exists in Neo. Patient arrives in the clinic and is sent to Smart Flow (the patient ID in Smart Flow and Neo match).

- Smart Flow reaches out to Cubex to ask if that patient exists. If that patient ID exists in Cubex, Smart Flow will update the patient information accordingly.
- If the patient IS NOT IN CUBEX, Smart Flow will display a red banner and no further information is sent to Cubex.

- When medications are added to Smart Flow, Smart Flow sends patient ID and inventory ID to Cubex.

- The user goes to the cabinet and puts in the patient ID. The profile of the medication is already there with the quantity.

NOTE: No communication happens between Cubex and Smart Flow at this time.

- The user signs off the medication in Smart Flow, which pushes a billing charge to Neo.

You can see that even without a direct Cubex & Neo integration, Smart Flow can really help with the efficiency of getting the drugs out of Cubex by having the profiles ready for each patient. However, that is all dependent on the patient IDs existing in Cubex. 

We hope you find this information useful!