It is pretty easy to delete an IV Catheter both from the Web and iPad. 

From the Web

1. Click on the IV Catheter tab to the right of patient's flowsheet:

2. Right after that, the IV Catheter window will pop up. Click on the X icon next to the size and length options to delete the values, and then Done:

3. A new window will pop up to alert you that you are removing an IV Catheter. Click on Remove to confirm:

From the iPad

1. Open the Editing Mode by tapping on the pencil-like icon in the upper right corner of the patient's flowsheet:

2. Then, tap additional options button (...) to open the Menu and choose IV Catheter tab:

3. After that, the IV Catheter window will pop up. Tap on the X next to both size and length options and then hit Save:

4. A new window will pop up to confirm if you do want to delete the IV Catheter. Tap Remove:

NOTE: Don't forget to tap on the floppy disk icon to save all the changes you made in the Editing mode. 

We hope you found this information useful!