For your convenience, the SmartFlow application automatically calculates fluid rates based on the patient weight. The fluid calculator applies the same way to any item added in the Fluids section (including Bolus rate) of the flowsheet or anesthetic sheet.

Listed below is the formula that we use to calculate fluid rates:

(1.2 x ([weight,kg] ^ 0.75) * 70) / 24

This is a standard calculation for fluid rate based on RER of the healthy patient.
For Reference view: Veterinary Emergency Critical Care Manual, by Karol A. Mathews. 

There are additional ways that the fluid rate can be calculated and if you would like the rate calculation to be changed for your practice you can reach out to SmartFlow Support and advise them on the standard fluid rate you would like to use.  SmartFlow does only have the capacity to allow one fluid calculation rate per hospital.  

The Fluid Rates and how those are calculated are below.  You would need to specify the option you would like to use by referencing the options from the gray Table.  

Please let us know if you still have any questions regarding the calculation.

We hope you found this information useful!