This happens if the patient has a sexual status other than male - M, female - F, male neutered - MN, or female spayed - FS in your EMR.

When you use EMR integrated with Smart Flow via DataPoint (such as Cornerstone, Avimark, or Impromed Infinity), the patient information will be send over to Smart Flow accordingly. Here at Smart Flow we have several pre-installed gender options, so if you have a patient with a gender specified other than M, F, MN, FS, it will appear in Smart Flow with sex Unknown - U.

For example, you have a patient in Cornerstone with gender - Other:

After admission, this patient's hospitalization will appear in Smart Flow, and you will be able to see the gender defined as Unknown - U (for more information about this option and how to work with it, see What's new with the patient's Sex property?):

We hope you found this information useful!