If you have one business and multiple sites or locations and would like to check if everything's set up and synced correctly there are a few steps that should be taken. 

First of all, it's crucial to make sure that locations have a specific API key assigned.

Then, go back to the main menu in your SpecVet account, go to the Setup and choose Sites under the Preferences column:

There you will see specific preferences for each individual location. The last one could be shifted by clicking on the arrow sign at the top right corner:

The required options to check your SmartFlow integration are located in the SmartFlow section, these include SFS Departments sync, SFS Templates sync, and option to Register Webhook as well as a chart where you can monitor Status Updates:

Right after you select the SFS Templates and/or SFS Departments sync button all whiteboards/departments and treatment templates from your SmartFlow account will be sent to SpecVet: 

NOTE: None of these options are available if you're logged in under an account that does not have admin permissions:

From now departments and templates list can be viewed under the dept and template options of the Administrative Settings.

The last option in this section is Register Webhook. It's usually used once - upon initial set up so you don't need to redo it each time a new synchronization is needed:

NOTE: After the synchronization, you can set up the Admit/Discharge options as well as default Departments and Templates for each location.

We hope you found this information useful!