When you are in your SpecVet account and looking at a specific item in your billing you may notice there are two different lines presented right under Bill Code (within the Billing tab), that have the same description:

Both play a crucial part in the integration process but have different functions:

- Invoice Description - is what your items are called and what you can see in the patient's invoice downloaded from SpecVet. 

- Internal Description - is an introspection of what SpecVet system shares with SmartFlow and, as a result, will be transferred into the SmartFlow system to be then used on the patient's flowsheets and reports. Thus, this line is critically important for parameter synchronization between SpecVet and SmartFlow.

NOTE: If you'd like to make any changes to a specific parameter in your PIMS, this parameter should also be updated in SmartFlow as described HERE.

We hope you found this information useful!