We understand that when beginning a treatment you may require to use certain parameters for treatments (e.g. medications) but as the patient's condition changes you may need to discontinue the use of these parameters. 

At the moment it is possible to delete multiple parameters from a flowsheet, however not possible to discontinue multiple medications. This was done to protect you from any accidental changes to the treatment scheme, by discontinue - D/C each parameter separately.

NOTE: If you change the treatment template for the patient, all the previously executed medications that are not in the new template will be automatically discontinued.

While there is no group discontinue function, in order to remove all the parameters for the current day, we recommend you discharge and restore the patient to start again. If you need the changes to take effect from the next treatment day, please use the Add 24 hours option and change the template to one that does not contain unnecessary items.

We hope you found this information useful!