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If a Bluetooth adapter is only on the SurgiVet end and you utilize the built-in Bluetooth on the host PC or a Bluetooth USB dongle, you can assign the COM port, but Windows will not keep it open as it's processing it like nothing is coming through.

If you place one of the wireless Bluetooth adapters on both ends (SurgiVet and Host PC) the adapters will automatically link and Windows will keep the COM port open.

Since some windows PCs have COM ports, you can utilize a USB to Sub-D converter from the same company you can purchase the Bluetooth adapters from because they guarantee compatibility. Also, you are able to make a Tripp-Lite and one other off-brand of USB to serial adapter work though.

As far as the Bluetooth adapters go using 300ft range, you might get a bit of signal dropout at about 70ft or so (this would include a wall passthrough also). The adapter reconnects automatically.

SurgiVet outputs +5VDC on pin 6 of the Sub-D connector. These Bluetooth adapters will run from +5VDC on pin 9. In CSV output the SurgiVet only utilizes Pins 2, 3 & 5 (Tx, Rx, ground). If you don't want to have another power cable to deal with and Surgivet is not in fixed positions, it better to purchase male and female Sub-D to RJ45 converter for each that is unassembled. This allows crossing over pin 6 from the SurgiVet to pin 9 on the Bluetooth adapter enabling the adapter to be powered over the serial connection. 

Links to all parts needed are below. The company selling the adapters has excellent and timely tech support, just an FYI.  

Adapter -

USB to serial converter -

RJ45 to serial male converter - 

J45 to serial female converter - 

6” CAT 5e patch cable -

You are also able to use these other types of serial USB adapters:

We hope you found this information useful!