It is a necessity to modify the existing Treatment template, change or delete it, edit patient information, add new parameters, change the frequency, etc,. This article includes the whole information about editing any Treatment template from the Web and iPad.


In every flowsheet, you are able to change critical parameters for each monitoring selection (such as Temperature or Heart rate).

There's no ability to delete a flowsheet in order to ensure the preservation of that data. To mitigate the issues of having an extra flowsheet as well as ensure no important medical records are deleted, please GO HERE.

In additional to this information, if you DO want to delete the parameters then re-add the flowsheet, CLICK HERE.


You can make any editing not only via Web version, but iPad as well. Please, get to know more information about Editing modes for the Flowsheet on the iPad HERE

It is possible to change the frequency, so the treatment only occurs once.

To add another date to a patient’s flowsheet from the iPad, please follow THE LINK.

To add any treatments or medications at an hourly interval that is not present on the drop down menu, please CLICK HERE.


If you want to delete a Treatment Template that is no longer used, please CLICK HERE for all details.

If you would like to know the general information about highlighting and how it works, CLICK HERE.

If you want to add a parameter to flowsheet, however, don't know the exact time it needs to be performed, you can set the time manually when it occurs, please WATCH THIS VIDEO to know more details.

The move highlighting button give you the option for treatment to stop for several hours and then continue again in the future. You are able to choose one, few or even all treatments and move them.

iPad and Web
You also are able to change the Treatment template when the patient's status has changed.

It is possible to add/replace Workflow tasks on a patient's Treatment Template. So how to add workflow from another template to the existing template, please GO HERE.

Re-ordering parameters from the iPad or the Web is easy to do, from the Web or iPad. You may change the order in which the parameters appear.

To Add/Merge Treatments to a current flowsheet from any other template, follow THIS LINK.

If you want to delete a Treatment Template that is no longer used, please CLICK HERE.

After making all editing, add-ins, and changes, please Save the Template. Once it is how you like it, click on the right hand side on the web OR on the additional options button ... in the top right corner on the iPad. Then click on Save As Template:

On the web:
On the iPad when you're in editing mode: 

Once clicked, a pop-up window will appear. Please, tap the name of the Template and then click on Done. After that your Template and all previous changes will be saved.

If you would like to save a template with only a Workflow, it's easy to do just following out instructions.