There are many reasons why you may need to change information for one of the parameters entered into Smart Flow:

  1. If you've accidentally misspelled the name of an item while entering it on the iPad

Go to the account's settings from the Web; however, please note that only users with the designation "Manager" will be able to access these settings.

Once in settings, click "Parameters" from the column on the left-hand side. You will then see all items available for use.


If you "double click" on the name of an item, a new window will pop up where you can edit and make changes to the item.

Click on "Update" to save these changes.

You will then see a window for Update Active Flowsheets. When applying changes to the parameter on Settings / Parameters it will ALWAYS be applied both to the existing and new patients.

If you'd like to view a video on creating and editing parameters, you can find one HERE.