There are many reasons why you may need to change information for one of the parameters entered into Smart Flow:

  • You have accidentally misspelled the name of an item while entering it on the iPad
  • The concentration of a drug was entered incorrectly
  • You would like to change the category of an item - ex. changing "Blood Pressure" from a Procedure to Monitoring, see How do I change the section or category a parameter is in?
  • You need to add a value to a parameter's drop-down list
  • You need to turn Billing ON or OFF 
  • Any other reason that a parameter may need to be changed

To customize or edit the parameter, please go to the account's settings from the Web (however,please note that only users with the designation Manager will be able to access these settings).

Once in settings, click Parameters from the column on the left-hand side. You will then see all items available for use. Double click on the name of an item:


Or, click the check mark next to the name of the parameter and then Edit selected or pencil button:

A new pop up window will appear where you can edit and make changes to the item (change Name, Concentration, Billing status, and Picker type):

You can then choose the appropriate Picker type for the parameter: Initials, Numeric, Dropdown, Picker List or Group.

NOTE: Medications and fluids cannot be Picker Lists or Group type.

Also you can add or delete options to whichever picker you choose from the Dropdown, Picker List or Group (please find more details HERE). 

When applying changes to the parameter on Settings / Parameters it will ALWAYS be applied both to the existing and new patients. In case the parameter is currently used on any active flowsheet, the Update Active Flowsheets pop up will appear:

By clicking Update here, you will implement the changes to all active flowsheets!

If you'd like to view a video on creating and editing parameters:

The video is an illustration and is subject to change as your product evolves!

We hope you found this information useful!