Please note:

Up until now, parameters have been in only one section. This means that up until now you had to have multiple parameters with the same name if you wanted them to be in different sections. 

Now, all the parameters are divided into two groups: medications and non-medications, making it much easier to avoid duplicate parameters. Medications can be added to flowsheet only in the "Medication" section. Non-medications can be added in a different section excluding "Medication".

If you put a parameter into one section but later decide it should go under a different one (ex. initially created as a Procedure but it should have been an Activity), you will notice when you go to edit the parameter that you are not able to click the drop-down menu for "Section".   

How can you change this? The answer to this depends on whether or not your practice software is integrated with Smart Flow.  

If you are non-integrated:

You will have to create a new parameter of the same name with the updated section choice.  Then, delete the original parameter under the old section so it doesn't get used.

If you are integrated:

You will first need to "Unmap" the EMR item from the Smart Flow parameter with the same name. For this, double click the item in parameters table.  In the editing pop-up window, press the "x" near the name of EMR item to clear the EMR name, and then press Update (note that you will still see the Smart Flow name below the EMR name).

In the example below, we are using "5 Liter Bag of LRS IV Fluids" and switching from "Medication" to "Fluids":

2)  Then go back to the Parameters table and search under the EMR name column for the item name ("5 Liter Bag of LRS IV Fluids") which should have NO name in the Smart Flow "Display Name" column:

Double click the item from the EMR column and in the window that pops up, you will be able to click on the drop-down list and select which section you would like the parameter to be under.  Next, ensure the rest of the information is correct before clicking Save:

Once you've re-mapped the parameter to your Smart Flow inventory, make sure you go back and delete the extra parameter with the same Smart Flow name (it will be the one with the wrong category/section and NO name on the EMR side).