Adding or removing additional inventory in SmartFlow can be done in just a matter of minutes by following the instructions below. It can either be done directly from the patient's Flowsheet or from the Settings menu.

NOTE: To bulk upload your practices inventory into SmartFlow, please read THIS article and contact your Work Flow Consultant.


To add parameters from the Settings menu

1. Open your admin Smart Flow web account > click user icon in the upper right corner > go to Settings > Parameter > Add new:

2.  Enter the Name (learn how to name drugs correctly), select Default Section and Picker type, and set up Billing > once ready click Save:

NOTE: There are several Default Sections for parameters available: Agent, Monitoring, Activity, Fluid, Procedure, and Medication. However, for your convenience, all parameters are divided into two groups: medication and non-medication, which greatly simplifies the use of the same parameter in different sections without duplicating them. Medications can be added to a flowsheet in the Medication section only, while non-medication products can be added to any other section, excluding Medication.

ALSO NOTE: You can choose the appropriate Picker type for the parameter: Initials, Numeric, Dropdown, Picker List or Group. Also you can add or delete options to whichever picker you choose from the Dropdown, Picker List or Group (please find more details HERE).

For medications you will also need to add Concentrations:

NOTE: Medications and fluids cannot be Picker List or Group types.

ALSO NOTE: If you use EMR integration, to ensure correct billing, each new parameter should be mapped accordingly (please read THIS article for reference). 


3. That's it, now the parameter is in your inventory list.

To delete parameters from the Settings menu

1. From the Settings > Parameter find the unnecessary parameter and click on the icon next to it:

2. Confirm the action by clicking Continue when the pop-up window appears and the parameter will be removed completely:

NOTE: You will be notified if the parameter is currently being used for any active patients, this is because it will be deleted from any Treatment Templates and Flowsheets previously created.

Also, it is possible to delete more than one parameter at once. For this simply select parameters and click Delete selected:

To add parameters from the Flowsheet

When adding a treatment to the Flowsheet (from both the web or iPad), it is possible to create a new parameter. For this, enter the required Name in the search bar and click Add / Done:

From the web
From the iPad

In this case, the parameter is created automatically (with a default Default Sections and Picker Type), so you do not need to interrupt your workflow to create the parameter from the Settings page. However, we strongly recommend that you check that it is accurate later and edit if necessary.

For medications, you will also need to add Concentrations:

From the web
From the iPad

Please watch the following video where the above instructions are described.

This video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!

We hope you found this information useful!