The red banner over the patient's Flowsheet stating that the Patient with the specified File Number isn't found in your PIMS/EMR may appear due to several reasons: from temporary internet connection issues to the discrepancy of this number between SmartFlow and PIMS. 

When you create new hospitalization, you should enter a Patient File Number to retrieve patient information from your PIMS/EMR. That's why you should always pay attention to its correspondence between the two systems. But what if you have already entered the wrong ID number by mistake or did not know the patient's number at the time of admission?

For example, during admission, you entered a patient name instead of a patient ID, but later you checked the patient ID number in your PIMS/EMR and update it in SmartFlow accordingly. Despite entering the correct Patient File Number, you can still see the red banner over the Flowsheet, and the data has not yet been transferred from the PIMS/EMR. In this case, the following steps should be taken:

1. First of all, make sure you've inputted the correct number. Open the Edit Patient Info, check the Patient File Number field, and click Save. Usually, the patient's file number is numeric and does not sound like a word (for example, below the file number - TEST seems to be incorrect):

As soon as you edit it, you will see the correct number on the red banner, but the data has not yet been transferred. This is because the system did not receive a command to sync the information.

2. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, you should manually click on the Re-sync circle button in the right corner, and in a few seconds all the information will be pulled from PIMS/EMR to SmartFlow:

The same is true for the following two occasions described in corresponding FAQs:

We hope you found this information useful!