There are some default parameters created by SmartFlow to monitor the patient's vital parameters during the anesthesia. They are displayed on the Anesthetic Sheet in the Monitoring section:

These parameters are: 

  • BP Sys - Systolic Blood Pressure

  • BP Dias - Diastolic Blood Pressure

  • BP MAP - Mean arterial pressure

  • Pulse 

  • Resp. Rate - Respiratory rate

  • Temperature

  • SpO2 - Pulse Oximeter Oxygen Saturation / Blood Oxygen Saturation

  • ETCO2 - end-tidal CO2

If your Surgery Anesthetic Monitor is already connected to the SmartFlow successfully, you can get these monitoring parameters filed automatically. 

NOTE: This list may slightly vary considering the monitor version and available sensors.

For your convenience, you can switch between the table and graph view for these monitoring parameters.

We hope you found this information useful!