There is an increasing number of multi-parameter anesthetic monitors with the capability to connect directly with Smart Flow through the clinic's internal network. Here are the details for using a Digicare monitor(s) that have already been set up. During the setup process, a small "Listener" program is installed on a computer in the clinic. This "Listener", will constantly "listen" to information on the network for data from monitors that are powered on and on the network. 

To begin, you will need to have a patient checked into Smart Flow and setup on the Digicare monitor. 

It is important that these steps are taken in this order. Not doing so may result in failure to connect.

On the iPad - Create patient’s anesthetic sheet.

Go to: Menu > Anesthesia Sheet > Save

Connect the iPad to the monitor

Once you open the Anesthesia Sheet, you will be taken to the Preoperative page. From here you can connect a specific monitor.
Preoperative Mode: Menu > Surgery Monitors (Beta)

Select the monitor (e.g. DigiSADental, DigiSAMobile, or DigiSASurgery) > “Connect”

Under “Monitoring”, a circle • will appear.
The circle is yellow while connecting, and will turn blue once connected.

A “red” circle will appear if there is an error preventing a connection. Should this happen: 

  • Verify you are connected to the correct monitor.

  • Verify on the monitor connection, the settings are listed as: 

    • IP Address & Port- These must match the IP address that was set up on the "listener“.

On the Monitor
Connect the Monitor to the anesthesia sheet

System > Networking > Connect (wait) > Done
(Note- if it does not connect, close out and try again)


You should now be connected and the vitals should be auto-populating on the Smart Flow Anesthesia Sheet.


On the iPad 

Finalize the Anesthesia Sheet

Menu > Finalize Anesthetic > Continue

On the Monitor

A warning pops up on the monitor.

Press “OK” and now you are done!