Smart Flow has 2 settings when it comes to the type of templates that can be used: Fixed and Non-Fixed (found under settings on the web ONLY).

Due to this difference, templates created under "Fixed" mode can only be accessed while in fixed mode.  The same goes for non-fixed templates.  If you are having trouble finding a template you created, it may be under the alternate template setting.

For patient creation

If you want to create a new template for a new patient under the 'fixed' mode, the template will show exactly how it was created, starting treatments exactly as on the originally saved template. So if you create a patient at 1 pm with a previously saved template, under the 'fixed' mode, there may be treatments previous to the time of admission. 

As you can see, a patient was admitted at 1 pm in fixed mode:

To fix this on the iPad, you can choose to move the treatments to a certain time under the editing mode. To view a video tutorial of how to do that, please click here.

To fix this on the web, you have to manually delete all treatments previous to the time of admission. 

If you would like to keep your settings in a fixed mode, but you want the highlighting to start at the time of patient creation, you can change the time your flow sheet starts at when you enter the patient. Click on the 'show more information' tab, then on 'Treatment begins at'. See screenshot below


If you enter a patient under the non-fixed mode, the template will begin at the time of admission, see the screenshot below.