The workflow tab is a great feature you can use to visually keep track of treatments that do not have a scheduled time but must be completed at some point during a patient's stay. 

To view and access tasks from the iPad, please see the instructions below.  

In the top right-hand corner click "Edit" to change to "Editing Mode" From here you are able to edit and add tasks. You will also have the option to view the workflow on your flowsheet or tuck them away from view. Swipe your finger along the screen to the left to bring the 'Workflow' section into view. 

NOTE - If your "Workflow" section is already in view on your flowsheet and you are unable to hide them, the most likely reason for this is your flowsheet duration is set to 12 hours as seen below. These settings can be changed anytime from the web, choose "Settings" "General" then "Flowsheet Duration",  switch "Flowsheet Duration" from 12 hour to 24 hour


To Add a "New Task" press the "+" button in the middle of the square (screenshot below). 

This will bring up an "Add Task" window (screenshot below). From here you can choose from the list provided, or type a new task of your own that will automatically be added to the list for future use.


To delete a task from "Editing Mode" press the small "X" in the upper left-hand corner of the desired task (screenshot below).

You can also create a 'Checklist' or a task within a task by pressing the "+" in the lower left-hand corner of the desired task (screenshot below)

An "Add item" page will appear where you can choose from the list provided or add your own. Smart flow will remember any task or sub-task that has been created for future use. Press "Done" when you have made your selection. See below:

You can see how many total items are within the checklist (and how many have been completed) by the "0/1" in the bottom right of the specific task. You can delete checklist items by selecting the red circle next to that item. Continue to add your checklist items as desired (seen below).

To mark a task as complete, tap the circle in the bottom right corner of the task. Completed tasks will automatically move the left of the workflow area. See below: 

If that task has a checklist, the task will not be marked as complete until you complete all of the items on the checklist. See below:

To hide the workflow bar, press "Close". Notes can be entered by pressing the "Notes" button in the upper right-hand corner of the iPad screen. 

You can view a video on this feature here: