While the website doesn't have the 2 modes that the iPad provides (Treatment Mode and Editing Mode), the ability to edit your Flow Sheet is still available. 

- To add parameters (activities, medications, etc.), press the "+" button near each section along the left-hand side. 

- To edit parameters, just click on the name and a pop-up box will appear that you can now edit. Press Done when finished editing. 

- To edit a patient, add/remove 24 hours, save a template, and add catheter information on the website, click on the small pen icon on the patient's photo. A drop down menu will appear, where you can select what you need to edit. 

See below for a snapshot of the menu options described above. 

To highlight a treatment time for a parameter or medication, simply left-click on the appropriate cell, and a pop-up box will appear. From here, you can select from the menu or add comments / notes:


You can also right-click on the cell choose to include an item in inventory, and to highlight the cell. Press Done when finished editing:


To delete a treatment, click on the name of the treatment you wish to delete and the same box will pop up.  Click the "delete" at the top left and this will remove the treatment from the flow sheet.

Click HERE to read more about deleting treatments vs discontinuing treatments.