The answer to that questions is Yes! 

To delete templates and other items that appear in the drop-down menu, slide your finger to the left while touching the item on the screen. The "Delete" button will appear, tap "Delete", and it’s gone!  



*Please note that the "delete" feature is not available for deleting parameters on the patient's flowsheet from the iPad:

However, it is possible to use this "delete" feature on iPad to remove: 
  1. Doctors on Duty (but not imported from EMR ones - see below);
  2. Species;
  3. Breeds;
  4. Colors;
  5. Problem List items;
  6. Treatment Templates.


If you wish to remove doctor(s) imported from your EMR, you will have to do it through your EMR panel. After the doctor is removed, it should automatically sync with Smart Flow so the doctor is no longer present. 

If you experience any difficulty doing this, please provide us with the exact name or EMR ID# of the doctor you wish to remove, & we will make the change from our side.