Each patient needs an individualized treatment plan, so we have introduced several customization options to simplify the process of adapting previously saved Treatment Templates to your needs. Learn when to use all of these options - Change Template, Add Workflow, and Add Treatment to get the best performance:

From the web 

(Located on the right-hand side of the patient's Flowsheet)

From the iPad

(Available from the drop-down menu (...) while in Editing Mode)

Change Template

  • Changes all treatments from what is currently on your Flowsheet to the treatments from the selected Template. Please find more details on how to Change Template HERE.

NOTE: Any treatments you had completed on the current Flowsheet (medications, procedures, etc.) that are not present on the selected Template will be discontinued:

  • Upon your choice, changes the Workflow from what is currently on the patient's Flowsheet:

- by adding associated Workflow tasks from the selected Template - if you click Add option when prompted

- by replacing the tasks with the Workflow tasks from the selected Template - if you click Replace option when prompted:

When to use:

- If the patient's status has changed and an entirely new treatment plan is required (e.g. unplanned surgery).

- If the patient is checked in with the wrong template.

Add Workflow

  • Allows you to change only the Workflow for the current patient Flowsheet, by:

- Add tasks from the selected template to the end of the current Workflow.

- Replace the current workflow (completed or not) with new Workflow tasks from the selected Template.

NOTE: This does not delete any record that previous tasks have been completed! Previously completed tasks will not appear in the resulting Workflow but will remain in the PDF Reports.

Please find more details on how to use this feature HERE.

When to use:

When a patient's status changes and a new staff protocol needs to be followed. For example, if a patient is getting discharged, we should remove the catheter, clean up the patient, gather meds and belongings, etc. In this case, we can add Workflow: Discharge with all tasks listed.

Add Treatment

  • Allows you to supplement the current patient's Flowsheet with treatments from the selected Template, by:

- Merging treatments without duplicates. For example, if the current Flowsheet has SPO2 Monitoring and the selected template also contains the same parameter, the resulting Flowsheet will have only one SPO2 Monitoring parameter without duplicates.

- Adding treatment from the selected Template at the bottom of the current Flowsheet, without considering what treatments already exist. In this case, you can get two identical SPO2 Monitoring parameters in the resulting Flowsheet.

  • This functionality does not change the parameter's highlighting, nor delete or discontinue currently existing treatments, but only adds new parameters to the Flowsheet.

  • This does not affect the Workflow tasks associated with the current patient Flowsheet.

Please find more details on how to use this feature HERE.

When to use:

- If the patient's status changes and specific protocols from another template may be useful. For example, in addition to ongoing treatment, a patient needs a plasma transfusion. So instead of adding each parameter from the Plasma Transfusion protocol one by one, you can add them in bulk using the Add Treatment > FFP Plasma Transfusion template.

- If you want to add a set of parameters without changing what you currently have on the Flowsheet. For example, you find that a patient has DKA after being in the hospital for some time, and treatment has already begun. Using the Add Treatment you add the DKA template without altering your current treatments.

- When you do not want to change your current Workflow tasks.

NOTE: You can create custom TX templates that contain only medications, procedures, and activities, but no Workflow tasks (e.g. Tx: Vomiting Add-on template). It is also useful to have Workflow templates with tasks only, please find more information HERE.

We hope you found this information useful!