Once the integration is completed and everything is set up according to THIS* video, you're able to admit a patient. Smart Flow and ezyVet integration is improving with each release, so currently you have a possibility to use ezyVet feature that allows patient to be automatically admitted to Smart Flow and then auto discharged from Smart Flow.  

* Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!

First of all, an appointment needs to be created and there are two ways to do it:

- By choosing an appropriate date and time on the Dashboard. After opening it, just click on the needed line:

- From an already created patient profile that could be found by clicking Patients > Searching for the needed patient's name and clicking on it > selecting and pushing New Appointment button:

New tab for Appointment creation will appear in your ezyVet account, where you will be able to input all needed data, including Appointment Status that was previously created and selected. We also want to trigger the Auto check-in feature, more about it you can find in How to set up ezyVet auto admit / discharge to Smart Flow?. In our example, we will choose Confirmed Status that is currently in Check-In Appointment Types that should be updated when the patient will be at the hospital and ready to be sent to Smart Flow:

NOTE: The patient should be already created with a client so you can type their names and the system offers you to select them from the drop-down list. Together with it you'll be asked whether you'd like to link this new appointment with another one that could be previously created. Click Link if it's appropriate or Cancel if this appointment shouldn't be a separate unit:

When all data is in, just click Save or Save & Close buttons, that will confirm appointment creation. If you click Save then the Appointment tab will remain open and you could make any editions needed while Save & Close operation will send you back to the Dashboard or Patient's profile but you can always open the appointment to make corrections before sending it to Smart Flow:

Now, when the patient came into the hospital we could check it in the ezyVet system by updating the Status to the corresponding one added to Check-In Appointment Statuses. You can do it from the Dashboard by right clicking on the appointment and:

- opening the appointment after selecting Edit Appointment line > making editions and then clicking Save or Save & Close buttons;

- going to Status (currently set one will be shown in the brackets) and then selecting the needed one from the list. In our example, it's In Consultation: 

As soon as the updates are saved, the system will trigger Auto admit option and you'll get the pop-up offering you to create a flowsheet for the patient:

Here you can set the date and time of the Consultation, Department/Whiteboard where it will be sent in, Template, Estimated Days of Stay (more about setting the number of the flowsheets you can find in How to change the number of flowsheets created per patient if your account is integrated?) and appropriate Medic/DVM that will work with this patient. In case, there is something you'd like to edit before sending, click Cancel.

Once everything's filled out, click Send to Smart Flow and the patient will appear in account connected:

NOTE: Whether you select the status from Check-In Appointment Statuses column, right after creating an appointment and pushing Save or Save & Close button the system will trigger and you'll get the pop-up window offering you to send the patient to Smart Flow that will also reappeared if you'd like to cancel it.

To see more details, please watch THIS video.

* Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!

In case, you can't send the patient to Smart Flow or if the Send to Smart Flow option is unavailable, there should be some data checked due to the instructions in Why I cannot push a patient from EzyVet to Smart Flow?

We hope you found this information useful!