Once your account is created the system made some default properties that will be mapped with the Patient information and as a result, the data from it will be populated in the corresponding fields of the form. These original default properties are the only items that could transfer the patient's specific data. That means that each custom property created should be filled manually every single time and if you'd like to have this data to be auto-filled then the correct property should be added to the form (you can find out more about property creation HERE). As a result, if you're using custom properties instead of default ones, some data from the Patient information can't be transferred to the From (more about this issue and how to cope with it you can find in Why does patient info not populate into the form?).

You can easily differentiate default properties from the ones created during the process of the account usage. First of all, Default ones, compared to Custom parameters, can't be completely removed from your account: 



Secondly, their Internal Name usually has an underscore (for example, first_name):

Usually, the list of Default properties contains such data as Allergy, Birth date, Breed, Cage number, Color, Custom, Deposit range, Home phone, Last name, Patient file number, Resuscitate, Sex, Species, Weight, Work phone, First name, Pet's name, Address, email, etc. (any of these item's names could differ).

NOTE: If you are integrated with Practice Management System and admit a patient via PIMS, it is not possible to populate all data into both the Patient Info section and Forms (more details on it you can find HERE).

We hope you found this information useful!