IMPORTANT: We are not currently connecting any new customers as we are working to stabilize this integration feature. If you have previously connected and are already using anesthetic monitor integration, please contact our support if you need assistance.


Sometimes it may appear that data isn't transferring properly from your monitor (for example, Mindray) and could even be lost. To initiate a troubleshoot, and then escalate it to our IT support specialists it is worth extracting all the data for a specific monitor in a separate document by creating a Wireshark snapshot from Host PC (NIC) for a specific time period. To perform this, please follow the steps below.

1. First of all, please install and open the Wireshark Network Analyzer software to your Host PC.

2. Once it's done you will see two main options that are used while working with Wireshark - Start and Stop:

3. It is always necessary to make sure that the tracking process is started for the interface that corresponds to the local network of the monitor. That's why we would highly recommend checking it by using the Capture Interfaces option (Gear icon). Once you've clicked this button a pop-up window containing all available interface connections will appear. When you stop your mouse on any of them you'll see static data by which you could identify the applicable network. After choosing the applicable network option by ticking the box for this interface you may click the Start button:

4. This will begin the process of capturing data for the affected network:

5. At this point, it's crucial to set filters by which you can identify the appropriate IP address. To do this, click on Apply a display filter field, and enter an IP Address of the monitor that will be used during the operation:

6. This filter should remain for all operating processes (as in the example below):

7. When the operation is over, click on the Stop capturing packets button:

8. The system will gather this data and all that should be done to complete this procedure is to save it into a separate file. To do it, please click File > Save as:

9. Name the file as Snapshot and click Save.

NOTE: If you're sure that you have already chosen an appropriate interface that will correspond to the local network of your monitor then, in the beginning, you can skip the Capture Interfaces option and just click on the Start button. If you have any captured item not saved the system will prompt you to Save it. You can decide whether you would like to have it saved or continue a new capture:

After following the steps above, a Wireshark snapshot of your monitor usage is saved on your computer and can be attached to your ticket for further investigation.

We hope you found this information useful!