IMPORTANT: We are not currently connecting any new customers. If you previously linked during the BETA phase of the anesthetic monitor integration, that program has been discontinued. Please be aware that our support team can only assist with how-to questions. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide technical assistance for issues encountered aside from the steps documented here: Troubleshooting: What if the surgery monitor is not working properly? Additionally, we no longer provide technical support for the Surgery Admin panel issues.  Any other connection difficulties you will need to contact your IT services to resolve them.




The Surgery Admin Application is a special software that provides a connection between the surgery monitor and the Smart Flow Sheet application and enables you to populate the anesthetic sheet record in real-time directly from the monitor. The Surgery Admin application (also known as the listener) installed on your Windows PC, contains the information about all registered surgery monitors under your SFS e-mail:

Once your Surgery Admin application is opened, you will see the Register Monitor window, from where it is possible to find the information about any existing monitor or register a new one. 

Register new monitor section (left side)

- Input Fields: 

  • Device name - drop-down list with all surgery monitors compatible with Smart Flow;

  • Monitor Name - the custom name of the monitor, that helps to identify required monitor from the list;

  • Monitor IP Address - this is the IP address that was provided by you in monitor settings.

- Buttons:

  • Register - this button creates a monitor in the Surgery Admin application, so it appears in the Registered monitors list;

  • Cancel -  deletes all entered data and interrupts the registration process.

Registered monitors list (right side)

- Registered monitors list - the table that contains information about all monitors which was registered earlier. 

- Buttons:

  • Unregister Monitor - this button will delete the selected monitor from the Registered monitors list

  • Test Monitor Status - when you press this button, the software will check the LAN connection between Surgery Admin application and selected monitor.

- Input Fields:

  • Preferred Network Connection - drop-down list that shows your current type of connection and IP address. For a better connection, we strongly recommend connecting your surgery monitor and PC by wire Ethernet cable.

NOTE: The IP address must always be static

Service (at the bottom)

- Buttons

  • Help -  will open Surgery Admin Manual that contains detailed information about the application.

  • Report A Problem - with two options:

    • Reset application - enables you to log off from your account in Surgery Admin, and set the application settings to default;

    • Report problem - will send your ticket to our IT Support team.

- Information Field

  • Installation Id - it is a unique Id number of your installation.

We hope you found this information useful!