IMPORTANT: We are not currently connecting any new customers. If you previously linked during the BETA phase of the anesthetic monitor integration, that program has been discontinued. Please be aware that our support team can only assist with how-to questions. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide technical assistance for issues encountered aside from the steps documented here: Troubleshooting: What if the surgery monitor is not working properly? Additionally, we no longer provide technical support for the Surgery Admin panel issues.  Any other connection difficulties you will need to contact your IT services to resolve them.



 Before starting this procedure, please check the current version of the surgery monitor software (System> About LifeWindow) to verify that the monitor has a Smart Flow capability, and also check the connection of the monitor to the network.

NOTE: The instructions in this document assume that the LifeWindow™ monitor is connected to the network correctly and is available on the intranet of the client (intranet). Digicare recommends contacting your IT staff to set up the interface described in this document. Digicare does not provide support for setting up network permissions, restrictions, or any other network support that does not include the basic settings in the LifeWindow™ monitor.

ALSO NOTE: Please follow the instructions in this document in the order in which they are presented. Do not skip steps. Do not take steps out of order. Install only the software specified in this document; any additional software should be installed only with appropriate consent. Before installing any other software, please consult Digicare support.

Both Digicare multi-parameter patient monitors - LifeWindow Lite LW8 and LifeWindow Lite LW9xVet (software versions V5.58) have inbuilt Smart Flow functionality. However, the initial setup requires additional steps to activate it, since it is not enabled by default. Please perform the following steps to activate Smart Flow on the LifeWindow™ monitor.

Smart Flow activation from the monitor

1. Turn on the LifeWindow™ monitor, click on System > Patient Management to open patient management menu:

2. Click on Admit New Patient and admit the following patient: 

Patient Name: LW SMARTFLOW 

Patient Control ID: 5139 

3. Click Admit Patient & Start Monitoring. A pop-up window will appear stating the Smart Flow functionality has been enabled and the LifeWindow™ will restart:

4. Once the reboot is performed successfully, you can now repeat:

5. Click on Admit New Patient and admit the following patient: 

Patient Name: LW CLOSE 

Patient Control ID: 5967 you should see the below window with options. Please go to the Network Settings:

NOTE: At this point, you will need to use the keyboard and a mouse to enter information. Please connect the keyboard and mouse at the back of the monitor using one of the USB ports.

Configuring the Network Adapter           

Depending on the network settings the monitor may need to be configured with a static IP address if the monitor is connected directly to another computer it is recommended that a static IP address is used for the connection. If the monitor is connected to a dynamic network (DHCP) this step may be skipped.


 1. On the SafeBoot control panel click Network, the network adapter panel will open.

 2. Click on the Local Area Network adapter (1) and click Organize (2):

3. Click on Properties:

4. Select the IPv4 connection Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option (1) and click Properties (2):

5. Select Use the following IP address and input the fields for IP address, Subnet mask, and  Default gateway:

NOTE: Your IP address, Subnet mask, and default gateway may be different from the one shown above. 


6. Select Use the following DNS server addresses and fill out the fields for the preferred and alternate DNS server.

NOTE: Your preferred and alternate DNS server may be different from the one shown above. 


7. Click OK to close the IPv4 Properties panel.

8. Click OK to close the Adapter Properties panel.  

9. Close the network adapter panel by clicking on the X on the top right corner of the panel.


Enable SafeBoot

 1. Click on Enable SafeBoot to return to the normal monitoring mode.

NOTE: The monitor will reset twice and display a white screen before shutting down. 

2. Click Admit Patient & Start Monitoring; A pop-up window will appear stating that Smart Flow functionality has been enabled and the LifeWindow™ will restart:

Smart Flow Control Panel

1. Once the LifeWindow™ restarts a networking option will appear in the System menu, this option will make it possible to connect to the Smart Flow Surgery Admin App and thus transfer patient data.

NOTE: This method for admitting and discharging patients is separate from the standard method of admitting and discharging patients on the LifeWindow™. Use the standard patient management menu for admitting/discharging patients and generating reports which are not associated with Smart Flow.

2. To access the Smart Flow panel click on System Networking and the following panel will appear:

1. Server Information – This is the information that the monitor will use to access the Smart Flow Surgery Admin App. After the first connection, the monitor will save this IP address. It is recommended to use a static IP address for the computer that has the Smart Flow Surgery Admin App installed to prevent the IP address from being updated automatically. 

2. Connect – Initiates the connection to Smart Flow.

3. Disconnect – Terminates the connection to Smart Flow.

4. Smart Flow Sync – Allows synchronization to Smart Flow through the LifeWindow™ patient management menu:

  • Automatic mode: initiates the connection to Smart Flow once a patient is admitted and terminates the connection once the patient is discharged.

  • Manual mode: the panel must be used to initiate and terminate Smart Flow Surgery Admin App connection.

NOTE: Smart Flow Sync does not setup patient information on the Smart Flow Surgery Admin App, the patient must be configured on Smart Flow Surgery Admin App prior to initiating the LifeWindow™ connection regardless of Smart Flow Sync setting.

5. Status – Displays the status of the Smart Flow connection:

  • Not Connected indicates the monitor is currently not connected to Smart Flow. 

  • Connected indicates the monitor is currently connected and transmitting patient data to Smart Flow. 

6. Done – Closes the Smart Flow panel. 

We hope you found this information useful!