IMPORTANT: We are not currently connecting any new customers as we are working to stabilize this integration feature. If you have previously connected and are already using anesthetic monitor integration, please contact our support if you need assistance.


To set up the monitor correctly, please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Main menu option (displayed in right bottom area):

2. In the pop-up window, select the Maintenance option:

3. After this, another pop-up will appear. From here, please select User Maintenance option:

4. Then enter the password (the default password is MindRay) and click on the Ok button:

5. In the window, please select the Network Setup option:

6. In the Network Setup window, select the Monitor Network Setup option:

7.  From here please set the correct Network Type, Address Type, IP Address (Device IP), Subnet Mask, and Gateway (If it’s not already done). For this, scroll until you reach the value that you need to change and press on the knob to highlight the field. Then scroll to the right over the value in the field and use the scroll back/forth to change each octet to the right value: 


Network Option Description: 

  • Network type: This is the type of network;

  • Address type: This should be set to Manual if you want to change the IP Address of Mindray monitor manually;

  • IP Address: Enter valid IP Address of the device;

  • Subnet Mask: This is the Subnet Mask of the network. Enter the valid Subnet address here;

  • Gateway: This is the Gateway of the network.

8. Once all the changes are made, please close the Monitor Network Setup pop up window by using close button (X) in right-top corner of the window:

At this point, you are done with the monitor set up process.

We hope you found this information useful!