To set up the monitor correctly, please follow the steps below.   


Set the correct IP address, Gateway, Subnet Mask and Host IP for the multi-parameter portable veterinary monitor - BM7VET, (If it’s not already done). For this please click on the setiings icon on the monitor using the monitors touchscreen.

NOTE: Alarm + Function can be used to lock/unlock the monitors touchscreen, buttons, keys and rotary wheel:

  • to lock: Press Alarm + Function keys at the same time until lock icon is displayed at the monitor's screen;
  • to unlock: Press Alarm + Function keys at the same time until unlock icon is displayed at the monitor's screen

In the Setup window please select the Network:

And then adjust the values in the window below:

Network Option Description:

MAIN VER - Version on firmware;

CENTRAL - must be BL;

DHCP - must be OFF;

HOST IP - IP Address of the PC where the Surgery Admin application (Listener) installed;

DEVICE IP - IP Address of the BioNet BM7VET Monitor;

SUBNET - Subnet mask of the network, by default is;

GATEWAY - It is a start network device IP;

MAC ADDR - It is a media access control address, is a unique identifier.

NOTE: IP address must be different for each devices within one network, ie:

HOST IP - PC/Listener IPv4:

DEVICE IP - Monitor IPv4:

Default Gateway:

For more details please also read the official manual:

We hope you found this information useful!