IMPORTANT: We are not currently connecting any new customers. If you previously linked during the BETA phase of the anesthetic monitor integration, that program has been discontinued. Please be aware that our support team can only assist with how-to questions. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide technical assistance for issues encountered aside from the steps documented here: Troubleshooting: What if the surgery monitor is not working properly? Additionally, we no longer provide technical support for the Surgery Admin panel issues.  Any other connection difficulties you will need to contact your IT services to resolve them.


To set up the monitor correctly, please follow the steps below. 

Set the correct IP address, Gateway, Subnet Mask and Host IP for the multi-parameter portable veterinary monitor - BM5VET (If it’s not already done). For this please select the icon settingson the monitor using the Touch Wheel and Select Key.  

On the Main Menu please scroll to System and press the Trim Knob:

Network Option Description:

MAIN VER - Version on firmware;

CENTRAL - must be ON;

DHCP - must be OFF;

HOST IP - IP Address of the PC where the Surgery Admin application (Listener) is installed;

DEVICE IP - IP Address of the BioNet BM5VET Monitor;

SUBNET - Subnet mask of the network, by default is;

GATEWAY - It is a start network device IP;

MAC ADDR - It is a media access control address, is a unique identifier.

NOTE: IP address must be different for each device within one network, ie:

HOST IP - PC/Listener IPv4:

DEVICE IP - Monitor IPv4:

Default Gateway:

For more details please look through the official manual:

We hope you found this information useful!