IMPORTANT: We are not currently connecting any new customers. If you previously linked during the BETA phase of the anesthetic monitor integration, that program has been discontinued. Please be aware that our support team can only assist with how-to questions. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide technical assistance for issues encountered aside from the steps documented here: Troubleshooting: What if the surgery monitor is not working properly? Additionally, we no longer provide technical support for the Surgery Admin panel issues.  Any other connection difficulties you will need to contact your IT services to resolve them.


When you try to connect your surgery monitor, previously integrated with the Smart Flow but you receive a message "The monitor is currently being used for other anesthetic sheet" please follow the instructions below to solve the issue.

1. Press the Windows button on the keyboard:

2. Type >  Surgery Admin (choose classic app):


3. Once the Surgery Admin application is open, you will see the list of registered monitors (on the right):

NOTEBefore you start solving the issue please save the data for your monitor elsewhere, this information will be necessary for re-installation: Device, IP Address, and Monitor Name (purple mark on the right side of the screenshot above).  

4. Find the monitor that needs to be uninstalled in the list > find it's Installation Id (highlighted in green on the right side of the screenshot above) > compare it with the Installation Id of utilized PC (highlighted in green on the bottom line in the screenshot above). 

5. If the Installation Id of the monitor matches the Installation Id of utilized PC, you can 'unregister' monitor by clicking on the Unregister Monitor button:

6. After successfully uninstalling the monitor, the following pop-up window will appear: 

7. Now you are able to register your surgery monitor again, and then launch the desired anesthetic sheet. To do this please fill in the Register Monitor fields (highlighted in purple on the left side of the screenshot above), using the same Device, IP Address, and Monitor Name as for the unregistered monitor, and press Register button.

NOTE: If Installation Ids do not match, you not be able to uninstall the monitor by clicking on the Unregister Monitor button. In this case, you will get a pop-up notification:


Please work with your IT services to investigate.

We hope you found this information useful!