IMPORTANT: We are not currently connecting any new customers as we are working to stabilize this integration feature. If you have previously connected and are already using anesthetic monitor integration, please contact our support if you need assistance.


Sometimes you may encounter a situation when temperature values do not display on the iPad during anesthesia, while the rest anesthetic sheet populates well. If this happens when using surgery monitors models: Cardell 8013 and SurgiVet V9200, please check the connection of temperature sensors first.

For the mentioned monitor models it is possible to connect two temperature sensors simultaneously, however, only one temperature value can be displayed in the Smart Flow anesthetic sheet at a time. Therefore, for these monitors only the values from the sensor connected to the first port - T1 will be displayed.

To prevent data loss, please make sure that the temperature sensor is always connected only to port T1, as shown below:

                                    for Cardell 8013                                                     for SurgiVet V9200 

We hope you found this information useful!