In September 2018 we implemented a new feature whereby notes save automatically. This was done to reduce the number of steps in making a note, therefore making it more convenient for you. 

There is no longer a "Save" button that you need to press - you now simply click the "DONE" button.

1. You start to enter a note:

2.  Pop-up window shows "Enter a new note..." field above the note you are entering:

3. When you click "Enter a new note..." field, and enter necessary data (also choosing the right date and time if needed) ,you don't have to click the Save button anymore.

4. As a result, the system saves recently entered note automatically.

If you'd like to edit this note, simply double-click on the note and make changes; or delete via the 'Delete' button.

You can find more information about Tech notes and how to use them HERE.