To reduce the number of steps in making a note, we implemented a new feature to be able to save notes automatically.

On the Web

Click on Notes on the side panel of your flowsheet and just enter a note into the empty field:

Also you are able to enter necessary date and time if needed by clicking the calendar button on the right side of the date and time.

When you enter the note, click on Done:

The system will save recently entered note automatically.

On the iPad

If you want to enter a note, press the Note icon on the top panel of your flowsheet:

Enter the note and click Add note if you would like to add more notes then click on Done to complete and close the window. Your note will be saved automatically:
You can see the note on the right hand side:

If you'd like to edit this note, simply double-click on it and make changes; or if you want to delete any notes, please follow the instructions HERE.

You can find more information about Tech notes and how to use them HERE.

* Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!

We hope you found this information useful!